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Los Arcos Hotel is placed in Esteli's downtown near the Central Park and the Cathedral, perfect places if one wants to walk along the city.

For his easy access it is the ideal place for the visitors of the Diamond of the Segovias.

In this hotel it is enjoyed a calm and agreeable environment, an excellent enclave so much if one travels for work as if it does it for vacations.

It is a typical colonial building that it has been rehabilitated and extended by the students from the of the “Fundación Familias Unidas” Training Centre since the hotel belongs to the above mentioned Foundation.

Set with local materials and wall paintings realized by artists of the city, the direction of the hotel promotes and collaborates with the local trade, supports to craftsmen, guides, and local companies.




It offers spacious rooms with fully equipped bathrooms, beautiful gardens, courts, and all sorts of charming places to throughout its facilities that give a touch of class and tranquility.

The deal is familiar, the first class restaurant and the staff is friendly and helpful. It also has private parking.

The taste for detail, has made this hotel the protagonist of the great events of the city and a perfect place to learn from the comfort Estelí, being in the tourist and commercial center of the city.

And you will also have the satisfaction of knowing that all profits generated in their stay be invested entirely in social projects.



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